nhwofl.org - Our Passion

Our passion defines why we do what we do to help others.  It is best described by this God-given assignment to minister to the needs of the body of Christ and to the unchurched in love by implementing programs and offering services that change the scene from rejection to confidence, from disappointment to living sure, and from degradation to power.  We restore people and operate in the ministry of reconciliation.  We eliminate the stigma of failure, inferiority, and oppression, by giving hope back to people through the Savior.  We do this without judging and without fear.  We believe we can transform lives, the community and the world,

Homeless Outreach

Throughout the years, New Hope World Outreach has provided outreach to various targeted populations.  We have a heart for serving those in need.

Youth Development

 Camp HOPE is a comprehensive summer academic enrichment and recreational program.  The camp is designed to provide a holistic approach to academic enrichment by integrating educational, recreational, and career development activities in a fun and safe environment. The activities selected improve socialization skills, raise self-esteem, build relationships, enhance academic skills, increase motor skills, expose students to careers, and increase reading comprehension.

Radical 4 Christ focus on the spiritual growth and development of youth and provides ongoing opportunities for youth to get connected.  Radical 4 Christ youth participate in the peforming arts, Bible study, outings, skits and special projects that help them develop a personal relationship with Christ.

Life Skills for Teens is a program designed to enhance the skills of high school students and help them excel socially, academically, spiritually and culturally.  The goal is help students prepare for careers and life.  Through the weekly meetings youth expand their vocabulary, discuss pertinent topics, conduct research, prepare for college, build character, increase responsibility and engage in money management, etc.    Activities include presentations by guest speakers and  outings to cultural and social events.  

Family Empowerment

Success Seminars.  In addition, the saying "teach a man to fish" is the motivation behind the self-help success seminars that focus on finance, dress, careers and entrepreneurialship that anyone in the community can attend.